Buy A New Bike In HCMC

Our very happy customers with their Honda ADV 150 ABS sourced and registered by The Extra Mile


For any person in Ho Chi Minh City wishing to buy a brand-new bike with a Saigonese plate, then legally transferred to their names.

Customers who choose this service usually are:

  • Foreigners who do not wish to have a foreigner plate (NN plate).
  • Foreigners or Viet-kieu unable to register on their names due to a lack of documents required.
  • Foreigners or locals wishing a Saigonese plate (59), but not having residence nor a contact with residence in HCMC.


There are several disadvantages to own a foreigner’s plate, as a matter of fact most locals and even police will recommend foreigners to register on a trusted Vietnamese friend for better convenience with the paperwork. Foreigner plates are known as NN plates from “nước ngoài” which means “foreigner”. These are the disadvantages:

  • NN plates have an expiry date based on the owner’s visa. If it’s a 2 years TRC, then the owner must renew the registration every 2 years.
  • Expired NN plates incur a fine if renewed late.
  • To transfer the ownership of an NN plate bike, the owner must be present at the re-sale to sign transfer/sale contracts over to the new buyer.
  • For the owner to legally sign over a transfer of ownership, he/she must have either a marriage certificate and sign together with his/her spouse at a notary office, OR for single owners, they must provide a certification from their embassy or country proving that they are single. All certifications whether for marriage or celibacy must be officially translated to Vietnamese and legalized by local authorities.
  • It is very common for foreigners to get stuck with an NN plate bike for which they do not have sufficient documentation to legally re-sell. As a result the bikes are either sold with a big loss on their value or abandoned/donated.


We provide brand-new bikes with a local Saigonese registration (59) license plate. This registration is transferred legally to the foreigner owner while leaving the plate number intact. The customer is then capable to prove ownership at any moment and can even hire a proper insurance for the motorbike on his name.

The customer does not need to go through any of the purchase and registration processes. It is a known hassle to buy a bike in Vietnam for foreigners due to language and culture barriers. The Extra Mile has now developed a large and strong network of dealerhips and importers, ensuring the best prices and seamless processes for faster results.

The Extra Mile is responsible to handle all paperwork from beginning to end, meaning that at re-sale the customer only needs to find a buyer and charge his desired amount, we do the paperwork for the next owner.

  • Exclusive Benefits with The Extra Mile!
  • We have priority of choice with selected vendors. We get the stock faster.
  • Access to import bikes. We receive updates on import bikes from customs prior to them reaching dealerships.
  • Non-retail prices. We are connected with certain factories for a guaranteed lowest price.

We obtain a 59 (Saigon), non-NN plate for foreigners

We register a local 59 plate for Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon)


1. The customer indicates us the model desired. We will check with our sources to find the best deal at the moment and await confirmation from the customer before requesting the source to lock-in the bike for us.
2. We invoice the customer with the value of the bike plus our service to request the payment. For this matter we provide an invoice validated with our company stamp and tax code. Once the payment made, we proceed to purchase the bike.
3. We handle the registration ourselves hence the bike will be ready with license plate within 2 to 5 days.
4. We deliver the bike to the customer with the plate. We provide the compulsory insurance for 1 year.
5. We collect the registration (blue card) within 3-4 weeks after obtaining the license plate.
6. Once the registration in hand, we meet the customer at a notary office to sign a power of attorney to the customer, giving the full rights to use and sell the bike.
7. We will remain available to transfer the ownership once the customer decides to sell the bike. Though we may buy it back ourselves if the model is interesting to us.

Additional considerations:

_ The customer may choose to meet us at the dealership to pay the bike to the dealership directly.

_ The customer may opt out of the power of attorney option and leave the bike registered under our company to make the ownership transfer at re-sale easier and to keep the value of the bike high. 

Our customer with his brand-new Yamaha WR 155


BIKES UNDER 175CC: 3,800,000 VND

Service fee excludes VAT. Should a VAT Invoice be required, the 10% tax will be added to the final amount.

* The times indicated may vary if the date is near a holiday or a special public event that may affect government working hours.

** Customers are requested to understand that delays may happen due to issues with the corresponding government offices. Should there be frequent delays at one period of time, we will disclaim it to the customer before the purchase.

Our customer with one of the first Yamaha NVX v2.