Buy a Second-Hand Bike in HCMC


  • This service is for any person wishing to buy a second-hand bike but does not know how to assess its condition and legality.
  • This service is suitable for people less experienced in bikes and less knowledgeable about the Vietnamese second-hand market.
  • This service suits also people who may have motorbike knowledge but do not know where to find the best or at least the most reasonable deals.


In the last decade, The Extra Mile has built very strong knowledge and an excellent network of dealers, distributors, and importers. By now, we can ensure that we will know where to get the bike desired and for what price.

Our experience aside, we vow to provide transparency and clarity. For this service for example, while it is usual in Vietnam for sellers to kick back some cash to the middle-man, we prefer to refuse and transparently and publicly charge a fee on sourcing, this is communicated both to the seller and the buyer. It can be very frustrating to find the correct information in Vietnam, hence we are here to bridge the communication and the difficult cultural habits that most foreigners prefer to avoid.

Finally, our knowledge of the local motorbike industry is pretty much unbeatable now. Once we understand your needs, we will advise the best choice and provide you with a bike that we can guarantee will satisfy you 100%. So far, satisfaction has been 100% since offering this service.


  • In 4 words: YOUR PEACE OF MIND
  • Mechanical check: Our very experienced mechanics will take a look at the general condition of the bike and make an assessment of its value. 
  • Paperwork Check:  Our company is well-connected and we have enough traffic police contacts to ensure we can double-check any paperwork and confirm their legalities. Our staff is very knowledgeable in all registration and paperwork to ensure you will not have problems with the bike after purchase.
  • Our network: We have built a strong network over the years in order to know the best sources for all bikes available in southern Vietnam. We can easily identify the best deal available for the bike desired.

Take a look at the different ways in which we can serve you and choose the best fit for you:

1. Motorbike Check Service

This service is suitable if you have found motorbikes that interest you, but you need help to check either the legalities, their mechanical condition, or both.

For this service, we check the motorbike to ensure that the mechanical condition is good and that the paperwork is correct.

For this to work, the buyer must be present at the inspection since we will explain and show how we are assessing the motorbike. At that moment we will transparently describe the issues we see and how to determine the condition of the bike.


1. Only check an A1 bikes: 1,200,000 VND

2. Only check an A2 bikes: 2,000,000 VND


  • You give us the specifications of the bike you are looking for. Brand, model, budget, and method of transfer of ownership (if any).
  • We browse our sources to find suitable deals and we communicate them to you with pictures.
  • Once you choose a deal or a few, we make an appointment to guide you to the source.
  • We check the mechanics of the bike. We will make a detailed assessment of parts that may need immediate maintenance or replacement soon. The assessment will have an estimation to put the bike back into shape if there is a need.
  • We check the papers and ensure the legality of the bike. If a transfer of ownership is required we will make the necessary arrangements and mediate the communication with the seller.
  • Once you confirm, you purchase the bike. The bike’s payment is made directly with the seller. You only pay us our service fee directly.
  • In the cases in which a transfer of ownership is required, we mediate with the seller to arrange it. Our responsibility ends at the mediation for a successful transfer of ownership.

Terms & Conditions

Once the bike is brought to us, the fee must be paid in advance. Once the fee is paid, we proceed to check the bike and interview the seller. When heading out to a location outside of Thao Dien, the fee must be paid to us upon reaching the seller’s location and seeing the bike for the first time.

Basically, once we take our time to perform the job we charge the fee regardless of whether the customer made the purchase or not.


1. The bike’s warranty (if any) is the seller’s responsibility only. The Extra Mile will support by bridging communications with the seller or other related parties during the warranty time, but we do not take responsibility for the motorbike’s motorbike-related issues post-purchase.

2. The Extra Mile will ensure that the ownership transfer is made correctly, for which we will bridge communications from the seller to the buyer. That will be the limit of our responsibility for the paperwork.

3. The customer is ultimately responsible of the purchase decision. The Extra Mile is only supporting in the decision process with very valuable information that can be very hard to obtain for non-experienced users of the motorbike second-hand market in Vietnam.

4. To ensure quality of product, The Extra Mile only works with budgets of 25,000,000 VND or over. Consider also, that besides the bike’s value and our fee, there is always an expense for the first maintenance of a second-hand bike. This can range from 1,000,000 VND to 3,000,000 VND usually.

5. The fees published exclude VAT. Should VAT be required, we will add the VAT percentage on top of the price.

2. Full Sourcing Service

This works equally to the service above, the difference being that for this case we source the motorbike ourselves. So, this variant of the service is appropriate for people who do not know what bike suits them better. For this case, we interview the customers to understand their needs and then offer advice on the selection. We will then proceed to find the right choives ourselves and then present them to the customer.

The same Terms & Conditions as for Service 1 apply.

1. Full soucring A1 bikes 2,500,000 VND
2. Full soucring A2 bikes 3,500,000 VND

NB: The Extra Mile still charges the fee if our staff meet the customer at the seller’s location, regardless of whether the purchase was successful or not.

Our happy customer with his Kawasaki Versys successfully transferred to his ownership

3. Registration services


This service is for customers buying a second-hand bike and needing to register a new plate who may not know how or prefer to avoid the bureaucracy involved.

NB: From August 15th, 2023, the Vietnamese government is pushing toward ownership transfers done properly and timely. It is our advice that you register a new plate when purchasing a second-hand bike. If you are not able to register due to paperwork issues, we can offer an alternative that still allows you to legally possess and drive the bike.


  • We deal with all paperwork and the logistics of the license plate change.
  • We pick up and deliver the bike directly from/to the customer’s address for their best convenience.
  • By now The Extra Mile is well connected with several police stations to make the process smoother and faster.

SERVICE FEES*: Since the new August 15th law, we can only quote on a case-per-case basis. Please, contact us and provide us the information of your case for a quote.

*Service fee excludes VAT. Should a VAT invoice be required by the customer, we will add the VAT percentage on top.
** Since April 2022, the police have complicated the process for A2 requiring more coffee money. Should extra coffee money be required, the customer will need to pay extra for it.

*** Since August 2023, the police have been a lot stricter with these processes, yet coffee money can still be requested for the process to be faster. Should this be the case, we will follow the customer’s decision. Any coffee money is paid on top.