Vinfast Klara S 2022 For Sale

32,000,000 VNĐ

Bike Description:

The Vinfast Klara S is one of the few premium e-scooters available in Vietnam. As an e-scooter it does not require a license to ride and can only go up to 50km/h which matches the urban speed limits, hence it is a bike safe from police controls. As an electric scooter it does not generate any carbon emissions and does not need fuel to run, it is the most suitable bike for customers conscientious about the environment.


– Premium Electric bike
– No license required
– Engine made by BOSH (Germany)
– Brakes made by NISSIN (Japan)


Batteries are removeable. The current price doesn’t include batteries.

The new buyer can continue renting batteries for 350k a month to The Extra Mile or buy new battery with Vinfast.

Warranty will be given by Vinfast.

Paperwork Transfer

We can sign a power of attorney (POA) or do a name transfer.

Brand Name:

Vinfast Klara S



Engine Size (CC)



≈ 3,000 km

First Registration

2022, in Saigon


– Rear rack
– Givi 43L top box
– High quality back rest
– Phone holder.


No specific driving license is required.

6 - Second Hand Klara S 2022 For Sale Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam Motorbike for Rent The Extra Mile Thao Dien

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