Honda PCX 150 (2019-2020)

Price Options:

450,000 VND Daily Rate

From 2 to 4 days

2,250,000 VND Weekly

Flat rate from 5 to 7 days

3,370,000 VND Biweekly

Flat rate from 10 to 15 days

4,500,000 VND Monthly Rate

Flat rate: 16 to 30/31 days

Security Deposit: 4Mil


Please contact us to have advice on a Map and Route for your road trip.


The top of the line! There is no better comfort and smoothness than that of the PCX 150. It feels like driving a cloud on wheels and satisfies all riding needs. The PCX has one of the greatest built qualities, no other maxi sport bike in Vietnam could compare nor even compete with this marvel of a scooter.


– Now running a 150cc engine!
– Incredibly smooth
– The most comfortable maxi-scooter under 175cc
– Honda perfection at its best

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Honda-PCX-150-2019-2020-Vietnam-The-Extra-Mile-Rental-Motorbike-Ho-Chi-Minh-City summer discount-min

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