Honda Airblade 150 (2020)

Price Options:

400,000 VND Daily Rate

From 2 to 4 days

2,000,000 VND Weekly

Flat rate from 5 to 7 days

3,000,000 VND Biweekly

Flat rate from 10 to 15 days

4,000,000 VND Monthly Rate

Flat rate: 16 to 30/31 days

Security Deposit: 6Mil


The Version 3 of the AirBlade was launched onto the market in 2020 and took the nation by storm. One of the most famous and popular bikes in Vietnam coupled with a 150cc engine to boost its already great performance. Its design is elegant while sporty and its build is of the highest for Honda scooter quality, This perfect and practical scooter satisfies anyone that sits on it.


– Honda finally made it perfect!
– Best version of all the AirBlades
– Now running a 150cc engine
– Elegant & executive design

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