Yamaha XSR 155

Price Options:

700,000 VND

Daily Rate

3,500,000 VND


5,250,000 VND


7,000,000 VND


Security Deposit: 6Mil

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The Yamaha XSR155 is a motorcycle model produced by Yamaha Motors. It is a stylish and compact bike, designed with retro-inspired aesthetics. The XSR155 features a 155cc, single-cylinder engine that offers a balance of power and efficiency. It comes with modern features such as LED lighting, a digital instrument cluster, and a fuel-injection system. The bike also offers a comfortable riding position, making it suitable for both urban commuting and weekend rides. Overall, the Yamaha XSR155 combines classic design elements with contemporary technology to provide an enjoyable riding experience.


– Iconic Café-Racer Motorbike
– Very smooth and nimble
– Beautiful classic design
– A delight of Motorbike Clubs

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