Honda Lead 125 v2 (2017-2021)

MODELS 2017 TO 2021

Price Options:

300,000 VND Daily Rate

From 2 to 4 days

1,500,000 VND Weekly

Flat rate from 5 to 7 days

2,250,000 VND Biweekly

Flat rate from 10 to 15 days

3,000,000 VND Monthly Rate

Flat rate: 16 to 30/31 days

Security Deposit: 4Mil


The much-loved Honda Lead 125 is a great scooter for around town that offers high build quality and is very smooth on the road. The Lead is the most convenient of all scooters with it boasting a huge storage space of 45 liters and a well-balanced ride, making it one of the safest bikes to drive.


– By far the most convenient scooter in Vietnam
– Insane 45L under-seat storage
– Surprising power for its 125cc engine
– The most comfortable city-commuter

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