List of bikes The Extra Mile works with

The Extra Mile provides an array of services that include bike rental, bike sourcing brand-new and second-hand and maintenance and mechanical services. However, we do not accept all bikes that may come to us. To maintain a high standard of quality, we work only with bikes which brands and models we trust.

Vietnam is still a developing country with an immature motorbike industry if comparing to developed neighbors like Thailand and Indonesia. As a result, multiple discrete local brands with quality control procedures that will not match Honda or Yamaha enter the market with numerous copies and fake bikes of terrible quality and condition. The Extra Mile does not trust clones and copies of known brands.

Due to a culture within both locals and expats that prefer to save costs, several bikes in the second-hand market go through inspections and work from unskilled and uneducated street mechanics. Street mechanics are convenient, cheap, and great for many occasions and regular small jobs. But, when it comes to running a professional maintenance and fixing of a bike, the official shops or specialized shops are better choices. However, due to the difference in price, many people will choose to work with street mechanics only, which slowly results in the bike’s life expectancy decreasing.

1. The following is a list of bikes The Extra Mile for sure works with for all its services:

NB: This list is made in April 2024. Given how fast the Vietnamese market moves, it may not be 100% accurate a year after and so on.

a. Honda bikes:

All fuel injected (FI) automatic scooters, both local production and import bikes: Vision, Beat, Airblade 125, Lead, SH, PCX, Vario, ADV.

All FI semi-automatic and small manual bikes: Wave, Blade, Cub C125 or Future, Winner, CBR150R and CB150R, CB150X, CB300R.

NB: Make sure to check the Honda bikes we refuse in point 2, please.

b. Yamaha bikes:

All fuel injected (FI) automatic scooters, both local production and import bikes: Freego, Grande, Latte, Janus, NVX.

All FI semi-automatic and small manual bikes: Jupiter, Sirius, Exciter, XS155R, MT-15, MT-03, R15, R3, all the FZ and TFX series.

NB: Make sure to check the Yamaha bikes we refuse in point 2, please.

c. Suzuki bikes:

All FI automatic scooters, both local production and import bikes: Impulse, UA, Address, Burgman.

All FI semi-automatic and small manual bikes: Revo, Satria/Raider, GSX-S/R 150, Intruder, V-Strom 250SX.

d. Taiwanese bikes (SYM and KYMCO):

We receive all Taiwanese bikes if they run on Fuel Injection and are up to 5 years old. Older bikes may be received as exceptions, though no Taiwanese carburetor bike will be accepted.

e. Vinfast:

We only receive Vinfast bikes that were sourced/sold for by us to the customer.

2. Bikes we receive for which we will outsource.

The Extra Mile has a very large network in the country, we know the most skilled and appropriate mechanics for each type of bike. Depending on the bike, we may choose to outsource for the best result. In which case, we keep an eye and oversee the project on behalf of the customer. This service is also available for customers needing their bikes picked up and dropped off after some fixing or maintenance.

a. Dirt and Adventure bikes:

Our main source for mechanic services of these bikes is, we advise reaching out directly to them for dirt and adventure bikes mechanical needs.

We can accept small dirt bikes like: Honda XR 125/150/250, Yamaha WR 155, Honda CRF 150/250, Yamaha YZ 125/150, Kawasaki KLX 150/230/250 and other similar enduro and dual-sport bikes.

We can accept some adventure bikes like: Suzuki V-Strom 250SX, KTM Adventure 390, Honda CB500X, Kawasaki Versys X-300, among others.

b. Large displacement bikes:

All large displacement bikes will be outsourced to large, specialized shops and/or to the official mechanics of the brand in question. This includes bikes from the following brands:

Royal Enfield, Ducati, Triumph, Harley-Davidson, KTM, Husqvarna, BMW, etc.


For our second-hand sourcing, we work with budgets starting at 25,000,000 VND. We believe that it is the most reasonable budget to look for quality and durable options. This means that bikes that are too old, not valuable or in bad condition will not be accepted.

For example, we will refuse old and run-down bikes from before 2014/2015. This includes, but is not limited to: Vision, Airblade, SCR/Lead from before 2014/2015. Old semi-automatic bikes like Waves and Sirius with carburetors. All the Yamaha Nouvo series before the NVX (Nouvo 7 or NouVo eXtreme), the Suzuki Hayate series, the SYM Attila series, etc.

We categorically refuse all carburetor scooters.

We will absolutely refuse some popular classic bikes that are evidently copies and clones of other brands. This includes the notorious “Honda” Win 100 or “Honda” 67 which are Chinese and Vietnamese copies of the original bikes. All fake bikes will absolutely be refused. You may consider in this list all the Espero and Daelim bikes. The same goes for all similar café-racer custom style bikes since most are also fake brands.

We will refuse certain brands for their overall low quality and important lack of reputation, for example Taya, Yadea, Pega, etc.

We will refuse modified and custom bikes. The Extra Mile believes in keeping the bikes original for their optimal condition. Some light modifications like after-market suspensions and the addition of some accessories are fine for us to accept the bike. But, if the bike has received mechanical modifications, we will refuse the bike. We also believe that the custom bike market in Vietnam is extremely underdeveloped resulting in a terrible condition for the majority of custom bikes here.

Evidently, we will refuse illegal bikes. Be mindful, we’re good at spotting this.

4. Exceptions

The bikes mentioned here provide a general idea of the models we work with. It is not an absolute list though; we may have overlooked bikes from some categories. In doubt, reach out to us prior to heading over with a bike for us to check, we will let you know if we can support it or not.

In some cases, we may make exceptions if the customer understands that it is indeed an exception. If we accept a bike we would normally refuse, it is important for the customer to understand that we will provide no warranty whatsoever for that bike.

In any case, The Extra Mile will not accept a bike we believe we cannot fix or maintain. If we are not able to ensure a result of the quality standard we believe in, we will refuse the bike.